Experience Majorca Mindfully

Guided mindful city walks and insider tours on sunny Majorca

You’re invited on a journey to embrace the present moment and savour all this beautiful Mediterranean island has to offer.

Join us on a wholesome journey to experience the vivid colours of the island, its pristine nature, its picturesque mountain villages and its hidden escapes, as well as the most beautiful corners of Palma.

We invite you to explore the island mindfully as we roam narrow streets and discover tranquil escapes together. Stimulate your senses by joining us to watch stunning Balearic sunsets, taste authentic Majorcan cuisine and discover off the beaten track.

Welcome to Mindful Mallorca.

Why our guided walks and tours are so special

With us, you don’t just see the sights; you experience them.

Consciousness and awareness are at the heart of our tours, which bring together mindfulness practices and guided walks on Majorca.

With our unique and outstanding method, the beauty, culture and history of the island become more tangible, understandable and enjoyable for visitors.

Our walks focus on consciously engaging all our senses, on slowing down to savour the present moment, on changing perception and on celebrating the little details on the island we love.


Roam through historical oldtown

Explore beautiful Palma
Discover hidden details
Experience Mallorcan culture
Taste traditional products
Get to know charming old town
Off the beaten track


A culinary walk through La Lonja und Santa Catalina

Explore Palma in the evening
Taste local food
Dive into Mallorcan culture
Discover two striving areas
Explore the old windmills
Feel like a local

This is what our customers say

Nadine says:

“Sylvia has shown us Palma´s different faces. „Just change your perspective while walking“ – amazing!! Thamk you so much for that! Sylvias is calm and has so much knowledge. This walk is perfect for everyone alreading knowing Palma´s important sights!”

Kathrin says:

“Our mindful city walk was great! Sylvia took us to amazing spots off the beaten track and provided us with interesting stories. She encouraged us to actively engage in our senses and soak up the city consciously. Very interesting and absolutely recommendable! Thank you Sylvia!”

Yvonne and Kai say:

“Thank you for this wonderful little journey through a pulsating city! It was beautiful to get to know all these idyllic spots and savor delicious almond ice cream. Her very well dosed information made us just feel good. We will for sure repeat this wonderful little journey!”

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I am Sylvia. I own and run Mindful Mallorca. I’m a certified therapist specializing in mindfulness. Not only am I a mindful tour guide, but also I have a great passion for the island.

I am proud to offer these extraordinary guided walks in German and English, focussing on mindful awareness to provide my customers with a unique experience and lasting memory.

I am looking forward to mindfully explore Palma with you.

Best regards and see you soon. Sylvia

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